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An accurate result in time saves life."

Health Coverage: The necessity in providing world class health facilities

What is Universal health coverage?

Universal health coverage is all about providing quality health services to everyone without having to go through financial hardships. Leading organisation like the World Health Organisation, World Bank and others lead this global movement in order to ensure equal access to standard health care facilities.

Health Coverage: The necessity in providing world class health facilities-2

The aim is to provide an economic sense to the poor and people living below the poverty line. It also propagates the message that health is a basic right of all human beings. The movement aims at providing health coverage from the grass root level.

It is about providing quality, affordable health facilities. Allowing families to avail the benefits of health services without bearing the financial brunt or push further into poverty.

Though the policy makers have to work on the greater reach of the programme to make health facilities accessible to all. But everyone can take small steps to contribute to help marginalised people who are financially vulnerable.

Why is the need for health coverage?

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Health coverage has become more relevant in today’s world because of the following reason:

  • Families are trapped in poverty due to lack of affordable quality health care.
  • Absence of basic life-saving health facilities.
  • Low and middle income families in developing countries are pushed into poverty due to health spending.
  • People borrow money or sell their assets to pay for health care.

How universal health coverage is attainable?

  • Finance coverage and deliver accessible health care.
  • Provide accessible, equitable and effective health care policies.
  • Make health facilities a fundamental right for everyone.
  • Make right to health and access to public health or medical care constitutional.

How health coverage contributes to the development of a country?

  • Provides a sense of security and improves the morale of the people.
  • Individuals become healthier and more productive.
  • Seek timely medical assistance, hence reducing the overall cost of treatment.

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